Our Offerings

Morning Preschool (enrolling ages 3 through 4 1/2)

Enrollment Options:

3 Days/Week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

2 Days/Week: Thursday and Friday

   (Due to COVID, 4 & 5 day options are temporarily unavailable).

Preschool Hours: 8:30 to Noon Daily

Afternoon Nature Pre-K to Kinder Class (for children ages 4 1/2 through the 5th year)

Schedule: 4 Days/Week: Monday through Thursday

Hours for Pre-K to Kinder: 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Tuition and Scholarships: Current rates are available upon request. For newly enrolling families, scholarships are available for our Afternoon Pre-K to Kinder Class during the current academic year. (We have not yet determined scholarship availability for the 2022-23 school year.) Be sure to request a scholarship in the from below if you are interested in this support.

Location: Southeast Laurel Street and Hollywood Ave. (Five minutes from Woodstock, ten minutes from Sellwood, and 20 minutes from downtown Portland.)

School Term: Families can join our program any time of the year depending on our openings. Our full 10 1/2 month term runs from September through mid July.

Snacks: Included with tuition. We serve healthy, organic food that children love.  We accommodate all dietary needs and restrictions.

How to Enroll

1.  Contact Us
Send Christine a message using the form below. She can usually respond within a few days.
2.  Come and Visit
We'd love to meet you and your family. We'll arrange a tour of our school and grounds. It's a great opportunity to have your questions answered and for Christine to get to know your child.

3.  Sign Up 
If Little House is a good fit for your family, we can enroll you within a few days. If our spots are full, we'll put you on our waitlist, keep in close touch, and contact you as soon as we have an opening.

            Send a message to Christine...

If you have trouble with this form, you may email Christine directly at: littlehouseplayschoolpdx@gmail.com